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30 October 2019

Effectively preparing for a small claims hearing

In recent years there has been an increasing trend of companies issuing court proceedings themselves in relation to unpaid invoices... read more
30 October 2019

How to deal with festive family feuds

As the nights start to draw in, and the weather turns colder, thoughts start to turn to the festive period. ... read more
29 October 2019

Is it now more acceptable to use insolvency proceedings as a method of debt collection?

It is generally understood that as Insolvency proceedings (Winding Up Petitions or Bankruptcy Petitions) are summary processes. They are appropriate... read more
27 October 2019

Mental health in the workplace – A legal perspective

The public reaction to the recent Every Mind Matters advertisement endorsed by four members of the Royal Family and numerous celebrities caused... read more
02 October 2019

The Bank of Mum and Dad phenomenon continues!

With rising property prices it is unsurprising that many children are looking for financial assistance from their parents when purchasing... read more
01 October 2019

Make a will and avoid the intestacy rules!

Many people do not realise that, if they die without a Will, the law will stipulate by applying the Intestacy... read more
01 October 2019

Family protection – the essential toolbox

As people are living longer, they are increasingly concerned to ensure that the assets they have accumulated over the course... read more
30 July 2019

Child Arrangements

Arrangements for the care of children over the school holidays can be complicated where parents are separated.  With the summer... read more


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