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Our specialist team of family law solicitors has a strong track record of resolving family law cases with sensitivity and integrity.

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Family Law Solicitors

Expert legal advice and representation from a specialist team

Legal disputes relating to children and family can be emotive and, if intervention is required, working with a skilled solicitor can help you reach a resolution with less stress.

Our specialist team of family solicitors has a strong track record of resolving family law cases with sensitivity and integrity, and we have helped thousands of families in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The term ‘family law’ encompasses a wide range of issues relating to the formation and dissolution of various types of relationships. This includes prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, divorce and separation, domestic abuse and making arrangements for children.

Anyone involved in a dispute can seek help. We provide legal advice and representation to individuals, couples, parents, grandparents and other concerned family members.

As well as being experts in family law, we pride ourselves on having the emotional intelligence to manage complex issues with confidence and tact. No two cases are identical, and our service is tailored to your specific needs. You will be paired with a lawyer who will personally acquaint themselves with you and your case, guiding you through your options without using jargon and keeping you informed about any developments.

Whilst we vigorously protect your interests, we always strive to facilitate a smooth path to a successful resolution by minimising conflict whenever possible. All our family lawyers are members of Resolution, the family justice network committed to avoiding confrontation.

In cases involving children, we never lose sight of the fact that their happiness is of paramount importance. Our approach is constructive, non-confrontational and focused on reaching a settlement.

For many individuals, engaging the services of a family solicitor to resolve a dispute represents a last resort. However, we possess a range of skills in dealing with arbitration, collaboration and mediation that can help facilitate resolution before disputes escalate.

“Taylor Walton are recognised not only among the top 200 law firms and lawyers in England and Wales, but also as the firm that provides the best service in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas”

‘The Times’ in cooperation with ‘Statista’

Discover the services our family law solicitors provide

If you would like to arrange a confidential consultation in person, by phone or video call, we are easily accessible. Our offices are located in St Albans, Harpenden and Luton.


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