Collaborative Law

Smooth the route to dispute resolution with the help of skilled collaborative lawyers who specialise in negotiation.

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Collaborative Law

The alternative, low-conflict option for resolving family matters

Collaborative law offers a non-court approach to resolving family disputes which involves getting all parties round the table with solicitors who have undergone additional training.

Our team includes experienced and qualified collaborative lawyers who can present this alternative, low-conflict option for resolving family matters.

We have successfully used the collaborative approach to help many clients reach agreements on the division of assets in matrimonial or civil partnership cases, as well as in determining child arrangements post-separation. Collaborative law can also be used to agree what should be included in cohabitation agreements as well as pre and postnuptial agreements.

The important distinction in collaborative cases is that the parties must agree at the outset not to pursue court proceedings. Instead, they commit to providing transparent and honest disclosure of their financial position and take part in a series of four-way meetings, which includes both parties, their respective collaborative lawyers and any other professionals which may assist; such as financial advisors and other experts.

Not all cases are suitable for this approach, and only collaboratively trained lawyers can offer this service. However, people that do opt for collaborative law find often find it a less painful way to separate.

It can be especially useful in cases where there needs to be an ongoing relationship – such as a parenting relationship or business relationship. It is also generally quicker than a court led process or written negotiations.

Only when an agreement is reached will the terms be submitted to the court as part of a consent order for approval by a judge, but there will be no need to go to court.

To learn more about our work in this field and discuss using collaborative law in your case, please contact a member of the family team in St Albans, Harpenden or Luton.


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