Financial Settlements on Relationship Breakdown

Our specialist lawyers are experts in assessing and negotiating financial settlements after a relationship breakdown.

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Financial Settlements on Relationship Breakdown

Reach a financial settlement that meets your immediate and long-term needs

Assessing and dividing the financial assets accumulated during a marriage can be challenging for any couple, and working with an experienced legal specialist provides many advantages.

Our team of expert family lawyers has extensive knowledge and can actively guide you through the process of reaching an appropriate settlement.

When you work with us, our specialists will liaise closely with you to fully comprehend your unique situation and we will tailor our approach to you and your priorities. We will listen carefully and help you identify your accumulated family assets, liabilities and other resources. If complex issues such as trusts, inheritance, business concerns and property transactions are involved, we can access a wealth of information and expertise across our wider legal team.

Our top priority will be to ensure that any settlement meets your financial needs and considers the immediate and long-term income and housing requirements for you and any dependent children.

As members of Resolution, all our solicitors are committed to supporting you throughout the process without resorting to court action unless absolutely necessary. We will work with you to identify the best options and use our skills as negotiators and trusted advisors to follow non-adversarial routes to settlement wherever possible. This could include collaborative law, arbitration, mediation or the use of roundtable meetings.

We are experts at drafting consent orders which can be submitted to the court for the approval of a judge. This process gives you closure and certainty without the need to appear in court.

Inevitably, there will be situations where voluntary resolution cannot be reached, in which case, we have substantial court experience and strong relationships with excellent barristers to provide effective representation.

If you need professional support in dividing assets from a relationship, contact a member of the team in St Albans, Harpenden or Luton to discuss how our family law specialists can help you.

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