Employment Contracts

Our solicitors are experts in employment contracts, helping you make informed decisions and navigate potential disputes with confidence.

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Employment Contracts

Tailored advice and guidance on any written employment contract

Before signing any executive level written employment contract, it is important to understand the legalities, particularly around obligations like restrictive covenants.

No matter the nature of your contract-related query, our expert team can assist you with tailored advice and guidance based on your unique circumstances.

Written contracts establish the minimum legal obligations applicable during your employment. Particularly for senior staff, they may include post-termination obligations like restrictive covenants as well as detailed clauses on specific employment policies referenced in the employer’s handbook.

Our specialist solicitors are experts in reviewing and interpreting employment contracts, using clear language to ensure you fully understand all your legal rights as well as the responsibilities you’ll have throughout your employment.

We will also provide advice in relation to the legal enforceability of restrictive covenants and can guide you on interpreting specific clauses when disputes arise. You can rely on us to help you make informed decisions and navigate potential disputes with confidence.

To discuss your personal situation, please contact a member of our employment team at St Albans, Harpenden or Luton.


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